Administrator's Desk

Dear Parents, I cordially welcome you and your child to the Rose Petals Secondary School and I assure you that you will find this school an ideal one, providing everything up to your expectations and satisfaction. Your child will “feel at Home” in our airy and spacious classrooms and teachers will treat and teach him/her with motherly affection more like a real friend than a teacher. We follow the principle of learning through interaction and group activities. Children are also provided with Audio-Visual Teaching aids and technology which enables them to learn through entertainment and discovery method. Besides academics, our students are exposed to various cultural and co-curricular activities not only at school but outside as well. Various competitions are organized at school level from time to time to bring out the hidden talents of the students. To maintain the mental and physical health, yoga is being practised almost every day apart from the usual sports, games and other cultural activities. All our efforts are meant to develop in our students a positive attitude towards career and life in general. Our sincere efforts have been and will continue to be - to fulfil the aim of true education, that is to make our students self-confident, sensitive, loving and responsible citizens of India with leadership qualities.

(Ritu Pokharna)