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Admissions open for Play Group to Class VII.

School Ethics Value

Life is a mission, where there is a mission there is creation, where there is creation there comes the role of teachers as well as children. At “ Rose Petals ” our motto is :

  • To work for an overall development of behavior, character and personality of the student and to encourage and arouse the fulfil child's    curiosity to learn and understand things .
  • To identify each individual child's talent, to shape it and empower children with the latest knowledge. To Watch them growing as successful    signatures of tomorrow .
  • To ensure that children's inherent desires are not suppressed as it would inhibit their development and would become an obstacle in building    up their character.
  • To ensure that our teachers at the school are much caring and loving to children like their parents at home.
  • To train children's sensibility in such a manner that they learn their lessons in a natural and eco – friendly environment .