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Admissions open for Play Group to Class VII.


Under Rose Petals Educational Society Rose Petals School Was Established On Icth March,2013 With AClear Sision And Determination, By Mr. Dilip Pokharna And His Wife Mrs. Ritu Pokharna Along With The Collective And Tireless Efforts Of Dedicated Educationalist Of Rose Petals Educational Society. Rose Petals Is An English Medium Co-educationallist Of Rose Petals Educational At Shree Ram Vihar Pratp Nagar Chittorgarh. The entire campus is a well covered area and ensuring security and safety to the students. The school campus is inter- connected by 10itercoms & CCTV''S. smWocienie datyt a R&nod tsh seep P nireaittta i lo son fc. houerri schheildd rtehnis s dor tehaamt

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